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  • Eastern German Women. Self-rea­li­sa­ti­on through employment

    As a woman you always have to be better than the best man in the team. That's the minimum for a successful woman, where patriarchy works." This is how Maria Gross, a cook and restaurateur from Thuringia, sums up the situation of East German Women (2019) in a MDR-documentary by Lutz Pehnert.

    Capturing ‘Each and Every Moment” of nurses in training

    A W-o-W film evening contrasted vocational guidance films with "Each and Every Moment", a heartfelt documentary by Nicolas Philibert on training of nurses at the La Croix Saint-Simon hospital in the suburbs of Paris.

    W‑o-W Film­s­cree­ning #1: Nursing shortage in the spotlight

    Work-o-Witch invites to its first film screening to discuss the role of film in the professional training of nursing staff and as a medium for addressing skills shortages, on 10 November 2022, at the Arthouse-Cinema of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

    What‘s Work?

    What’s labour? What’s employment? And how have they changed over the centuries? Leading scholars from Europe, the US, China and Africa reflect on these and related questions in a six-part documentary by Gérard Mordillat and Bertrand Rothé, which makes for an outstanding podcast.

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